Breakfast of Champions 5/13: The roundup


It'll be a short roundup today, since I was out late with the other children of the night at Saloon's Goth Prom (and we're working on putting out the print issue today). See these images from Goth Prom and you'll see what kept party-goers out late.

Like Andrea Myers, I consider the Cedar Cultural Center one of the best places in town to see a show. Artistic Director Bill Kubeczko has just resigned from the venue after 20 years of service.

Here's the latest on Pawlenty's VP chances and love life.

Did you see Galactic Pizza on CNN? No? Well, you can always go see them on Lyndale.

James Norton supplies a list of new vendors at Mill City Farmer's Market.


I have to leave you with this Daily Show video where Jon Stewart interviews Doug Feith, the man who General Tommy Franks described as "the dumbest fucking guy on the planet." Watch the video and see why. He actually uses the Roger Clemens "misremember" dodge.