Breakfast of Champions 5/12: Of Wolves and (Hot) Dogs


In case you missed it, the big news from Friday was the transfer of two-week-old wolf puppies to the International Wolf Center. We documented this rare event -- pups generally remain in the den for months -- with a photo slideshow and two videos.

From later in the weekend: among feats of competitive eating, shoving 41 hot dogs down in 10 minutes has to rank up there. Daniel Corrigan has photos from the Nathan's Famous contest in Apple Valley this on Saturday. Yet when reading the Strib's story, all I could think was: "The name of the song is 'Baba O'Riley.'"

When submitting this story to the link-aggregation site Digg, I got one of those suggestions that makes this whole web editor grind worthwhile. When you ship Digg a link, it often hits you back with other sites that it thinks contain the same content. Check out the top item it identifies with a hot dog-eating contest (click for a larger, more legible version):

Cliff's Notes in case you can't tell from the image: I submit a photo link entitled "Guy eats 41 hot dogs in 10 minutes: spectacularly gross." Digg spits back, "We're sorry, we already have Jenna Bush wedding photos."

Revisit the musical happenings with Andrea Myers in Over the Weekend, which contains reviews of The Kills, Talib Kweli, International Espionage!, Action vs. Action, and the Hasbeens. Plus, a slideshow from Interlock Lives shows images of the local label's talent, including Kanser, Prof & Rahzwell and more.

"A study released last week by the Women's Foundation of Minnesota yields scary news about the state of our state's girls," writes Jonathan Kaminsky.


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Sometimes, we drink beer in the middle of the day. Conversations ensue.

Ever wanted to make restaurant-quality Thai lemongrass soup? Jessica Armbruster shows you how.

I'm going to steal Web Intern Extraordinaire Andy Mannix's alternate headline for this post: "Vegetarian basketball psychic wins hamburger geography book."

Jacques Lemaire is back as coach of the Wild, ensuring that this Charles Trenet song stays in my head for another season.

I was babysitting Saturday night, which is the only reason I didn't win the drunken spelling bee. Seriously, when this comes around again, everyone else in town is drawing dead.