Breakfast of Champions 5/1: Return of the sleep-deprived angel


The idea was simple. To prepare himself for constant Grand Theft Auto play, Nate Patrin would play 24 separate games, once an hour, over the course of a day. Late in the game, I would come over with a video camera to monitor him during the most manual dexterity challenging of his games. We called it the 24-UP project, and he liveblogged the whole thing for Joystick Division.

Final tally: 24 hours. Six YouTube videos posted (so far). Roughly 17,000 words. Epic by any metric.

Read part one, part two and part three for the extended Love Magic Remix.

I'm editing the video of Nate's 20th hour encounter with Rock Band right now. A summation of his final lessons (plus all the day's fresh content) after the jump.

Quoth our (guitar) hero:

WED, 7PM: What I've Learned

-Putting stupid amounts of horsepower into a car with little regard for weight distribution or overall lightness is a perfectly viable way of making it better than any other car -Ninjas die pretty easily, surprisingly enough -War eventually turns entropic sooner or later -JRPGs are not automatically horseshit -There is zero shame in selecting "EASY" difficulty -If a game involves black backgrounds, flashing colors and really intense music, it is automatically fun -Zombies are churchgoin' folk -A society built on puzzles often winds up with an undercurrent of solipsistic paranoia -Sagat is the fucking bomb -Bubble Bobble is good in five minute bursts and somewhat less good the longer you go past that -Throwing things and/or people from great heights is your best entertainment value -I still can't judge a breaking ball to save my life -If Yakuza members were meant to be sneaky they'd be ninjas, which they're not; besides which they're apparently a lot harder to kill than ninjas -Tim Schaefer + surrealism = quality -The whole point to being a spy is to eavesdrop on implausible and/or ridiculous conversations. -The early '90s were, in many, many ways, either cruel or stupid -Do not put a goddamned jetpack on an end boss -Interrupting a sidescrolling shooter to pit the player in some kind of weird boss-rush dice game only confuses them -Buck Dharma is not easy to emulate -Konami hates you very, very much -Stomping on turtles is a lot cooler when it's on one of those The Little Prince planets -Dragon Feet do not an invincible fighter make -I can go some 34 consecutive hours without sleeping -I can't go 35 -Good night


Ward Rubrecht interviews Jonathan Coulton. The "Thing A Week" singer-songwriter already thinks Minneapolis makes an amazing audience, so let's not disappoint during tomorrow night's show at the Varsity.

Elsewhere in music, Andrea Myers photographed Wilco's show with the Retribution Gospel Choir last night in Rochester. A review is forthcoming, as is much more Culture to Go content.

In an update of the St. Thomas web exclusive, Jonathan Kaminsky has reaction from conservative law students.

A new CEO takes over at Target. Former employee Ben Palosaari assesses three top challenges he faces.

James Norton uses Rainbow Foods to make a point about social inclusivity in modern America. Meanwhile, Rachel Hutton celebrates one damn good cookie.

Matt Snyders has moved on from Salvia to a more illegal, if not more intense, brand of intoxicant. Moved on from writing about it, I mean.

As usual on Thursdays, I'll be doing a radio segment with Stephanie & Meredith on FM 107.1 at 2 p.m., talking about what to do over the weekend.