Breakfast of Champions 4/9: Into the Wild


An elite cadre of City Pages bloggers will descend up the Wild game tonight, like beer-powered locusts. Who knows what carnage, er, coverage will ensue? Prepare yourself with a preview by's Jonah Keri.

Is now the time to tell you about the bet we have with our sister paper, Denver's Westword? No? OK, I'll save it for after we win. DAILY DISH: WHAT'S NEW AROUND THE SITE

Is Salvia divinorum really such a threat to public health that the currently-legal hallucinogenic plant ought be criminalized? Matt Snyders gave it a whirl. You know, for research.

This week's feature finds a Minneapolis author collaborating with James Earl Ray's brother on a new book -- claiming that the King assassin did not act alone.

While we make the transition between music editors, I'm writing a few features for print. This week's story is about the Twin Cities Battle League, a rapstravaganza at the Blue Nile that I blogged about a few weeks back. There's plenty of fun to be had in the Web extras with this one, including audio, video, Truthmaze's list of some legendary Twin Cities battle rappers, and of course the photo slideshow.

I'm in ur streetz, fixin ur potholez. Look on me, ye mighty holes in the road, and despair. Now taking requests. Demko might have some ideas.

Gossip columnist C.J. ably tackles Paul Douglas' ouster, writes Jonathan Kaminsky. There's some shit-talkin' in the comments, too.

Ward Rubrecht reviews the Eels show at Pantages on Monday.

I have never been to a Minnesota Thunder game, but I imagine they must use AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" as introductory music. Paul Demko doesn't mention this in his preview, but I imagine it's just taken as a given.