Breakfast of Champions 4/4: New friends, old neighbors

I just got done writing a 250-word bit on Anti-Flag for the paper. It got me to thinking about music, and about politics, and about poetry. (The band's name has always evoked a line from e.e. cummings' "i sing of Olaf glad and big" to me. Read it, y'all! It's National Poetry Month). I'll spare you the broader thoughts. Let's just talk about music for a second.

There are a lot of great things about bringing Andrea Myers on board. From my perspective, the best of these is her readily apparent passion for local music.

The best reporters on discrete topics are the ones that are most moved and inspired by those topics. Writing is an art that affords one invaluable creative opportunities, but it's also a job, and any job can be a grind. I'd make a crappy food writer (because I'm happy to repeatedly make tofu stir fry and drink gallons of orange juice) or a business writer (because I hate money). The key element is the element of care.

Andrea cares, and she's being tasked with covering a scene that she knows intimately. As a colleague, I'm happy to see her in a job where she can be surrounded every day with material that inspires. As a reader, I'm eagerly anticipating learning more about the music being made in our community. Because there's a lot of great stuff out there, and it deserves the spotlight she can shine.

We're all excited to see the direction Andrea takes our music coverage, both in print and online. Welcome.


The Wild have clinched the Northwest division title for the first time in their history. Our hockey coverage has been, ahem, occasional, but we're planning a few surprises for the playoffs. Let me spoil one now.

Next week we'll have a special guest poster on Balls!, columnist Jonah Keri, to break down the squad's chances. Aside from being a keen intellect and gifted writer, Jonah is an actual Canadian, with the Montreal Expos-fandom to prove it. Look for Jonah's post before the NHL post-season begins April 9.

Elsehwere: this is still not as fast as the ridiculous download speeds I attained in Japan. But I'll take it, or I would if I had extra $150 a month. Actually, I wouldn't. I'd probably give the money to war orphans.

Speaking of war orphans, our own Jordan Selbo already gave this album props, but I have to tell you that the new El Guante disc is straight dope. It's a sprawling meld of various hip-hop styles, together with spoken word. The album is a long experiment that is at times uneven, but the high points are spectacular -- banging jams, thoughtful lyrics, and themes unusual or any genre. Best of all, it challenges the listener. Even when the album, El Guante's Haunted Studio Apartment, misfires, it misfires because the artist is trying something innovative and experimental.

So why "speaking of war orphans"? One of the spoken word poems includes a reference to war orphans that's plain hilarious. Honestly. And it speaks to me in a live and direct way due to certain events I'm not going to get into. Unfortunately, you can't listen to the track ("A Butterfly Flaps Her Wings") on his MySpace, so I guess you'll just have to pick up the record.

Back to sports for a second, with a dash of mathematics. Paul Demko completes his MLS preview, bringing you his predictions for the top 42.86 percent of the league. Because even numbers are boring.

Finally this morning, I've already acknowledged that -- naked sushi aside -- I'd leave much to be desired as a food correspondent. Fortunately, we have Rachel Hutton and James Norton. Their latest posts lead you to the area's best pizza, round up the comings and goings of local chefs, and introduce you to a gadget for poaching eggs.

The vegan members of Anti-Flag wouldn't approve. But that's why they write about animal rights, and James writes about food.

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