Breakfast of Champions 4/30: Embarrassment of riches


When Nate Patrin heard Grand Theft Auto IV was coming out, he knew he'd spend every waking hour playing the hell out of it. Hence, the plan.

Nate would spend 24 hours getting every other game he'd wanted to play out of his system. He'd play 24 different games overnight, with no sleep at all. This would leave him free to play GTA free of regret. It would lead to bizarre experiences like playing Resident Evil at 2 a.m. and Professor Layton and the Curious Village at 3 a.m. All the while, he'd liveblog it.

Which he's in the process of right now at Joystick Division.

Part game review orgy, part psychedelic travelogue, the posts are jaw-droppingly entertaining. Nate's writing more words than anyone has a right to expect, and his reviews of each game are extensive -- though that might change as his brain melts into quivering Jell-o. The liveblog is broken down into three posts, one for each eight-hour period, and every post is updated constantly during the process. Don't miss the crazy videos for Audiosurf down at the bottom of part one. I watched the Stereolab one and feel like I stayed up all night. Trust me, read the first one all the way through.

Here's the preview, part one and part two, with part three to be posted soon.

I'm heading over to Nate's place with a video camera to document his crack at Rock Band in hour 20 or so. Hopefully, his fingers still work at that time. Whether they do or they don't, the video's ending up here.

(In between all the lunacy, Gary Hodges found time to post some GTA IV special edition photos.)


Besides all that, we have a new issue (which showcases a fascinating local artist), a Web exclusive news story (which we're going to do more often) and the heroic return of a few members of the old guard.

To accompany the feature on Dosh, Jeff Severns Guntzel offers a Reporter's Notebook that is more like an online museum of Martin Dosh, complete with more than a dozen MP3 files -- some of which aren't available digitally anywhere else. Also videos, pedal porn or music gear aficionados, and a musical family tree that will leave you boggling. If this post doesn't make you have a holy shit moment, you have no holy shit in you.

Unavailable in the print paper is Jonathan Kaminsky's reportage about the latest controversy at St. Thomas. Law school students are required to spend 50 hours volunteering, but Dean Thomas Mengler vetoed one student's choice to work at Planned Parenthood. In the coming weeks, we'll be doing more of these Web-only features on breaking news, local arts and more.

In other surprising news, country blogger Jack Sparks pops up to preview the Kentucky Derby and lambaste Paul Demko. Hillbilly One has opinions, let me tell you, about the Derby crowd as well.

Matt Snyders has a message for you. Please, please, do not smoke Salvia at the Roger Waters show. Presumably this applies to any Laser Pink Floyd experience as well.

Local photographers are hosting a fine art nudes show at the Minneapolis Photo Co-op. We have 12 preview images available.

Atmosphere's latest finds Slug and Ant undertaking musical explorations, and Peter S. Scholtes returns to tell you all about it.

At least there's no lawn to keep off.

Was sending Francisco Liriano to Rochester the right move? Judd Spicer says no.

A new flyer from All the Way Rider heralds their record release show Friday at the Triple Rock. Also, Prince covered Radiohead's "Creep" at Coachella? Even Thom Yorke hates that song.