Breakfast of Champions 4/3: Power pellet bingo


DAILY DISH: WHAT'S NEW AROUND THE SITE I am not obsessed with Pac-Man. Chances are, you are not obsessed with Pac-Man. But Chris Ward is obsessed with Pac-Man, and I am glad. If you read this, you will be glad too. You don't have to like video games to stand with your mouth agape in amusement.

Haale, who we spoke with when her band's CD came out a few weeks back, played an early gig at the Cedar last night. If quoting Kurt Vonnegut, Rumi, and Teilhard de Chardin is your idea of the earthly ideal of hotness, then you should've been there. If you were not at the show -- you unlucky soul, you -- get a taste for what it was like through James Tran's photos.

Hip-hop fans: ever wanted to send Ludacris to space? Nate Patrin has. And did, kind of.

That settles it: Matt Snyders has to get his own cable access show. Actually, the story about David Carr led me to two different questions: first, quarterbacking really didn't work for him, did it? And second, why has no one given Steve Barone and the entire Minnie Indie crew a Q + A in the New York Times yet? I think I would pay to see this happen.

You know, if it's 3 a.m., chances are my phone is turned off. I guess that's why I'll never be president. Well, among other things.