Breakfast of Champions 4/28: Dress you up


It's not that every day is Halloween for the Twin Cities Costumers' Guild. It's that every day might be a stroll through Victorian England, or a jaunt through futuristic spacescapes, or -- you name it.

The nascent group (they've been around about six months) includes 15-20 avid costumers from around the Twin Cities, and this weekend they held their first big event, a costumed dance, at the Oddfellows Hall in St. Paul.

See the slideshow with more photos by James Tran.

Tons more, including pictorial remembrance of Paul Demko, after the jump.


Andrea Myers' latest includes reviews of weekend shows by Cloud Cult, Haley Bonar and the Afternoon Records gang, the Deaths and many more. The photo slideshow features all of the Afternoon Records bands.


Learn to make Jessica Armbruster's Thai green curry, complete with step-by-step photo instructions that for some reason include a bottle of tequila. As any good meal-production experience should.

Our own James Norton is giving a food writing seminar. I'm thinking of asking him for two dozen complimentary press tickets and scalping them at $100 a pop, so get 'em while they last, before I implement this nefarious plan.

Vikings blogger Eric Refsland returns with a full draft day recap.

Get well soon, Chris Ward's grandpa.


As many of you know, Friday was Paul Demko's last day with us. If you've ever been a journalist, you know that we get tons of odd items shipped to us, and many wind up staying in our offices for years. I still have some dried fruit Michael Tortorello bought in 2004. I am serious.

Demko leaves behind a legacy of great stories, and some really weird shit. Exhibit A:

This is from Harper's Magazine and was affixed to the entry wall of Paul's office. True story: when I found out he was leaving, I laid claim to the item immediately. It's a statement by Bushwick Bill, formerly of the Geto Boys, announcing the change of his name to Dr. Wolfgang Vincent Gobin Bushwickin the Barbarian Mother Funky Stay High Dollar Billstir.

"I've had this for years," Demko reported as he offloaded this thing on me, "but this is the first time I've read what it says." Feast your eyes. I am bringing this into staff meetings from here on in to express which ideas I think are number one.

Word is, Demko actually wore this pink baby-doll tee as a gag once. I figure if he's okay being naked on the Internet, he won't mind me sharing this detail with you.

Finally, this has almost nothing to do with Paul Demko, except he made me promise that I'd include a picture of "that watch [I] won off of Colonel Sanders" in this morning's post. He did not, however, require that I tell the story. Which is a doozy. But it'll keep for another day.