Breakfast of Champions 4/25: Weekly drinking


Today's Friday, and though it's early in the morning, I can already tell that I'm gonna need a drink later on. Thus, we launch a new "Drink of the Week" feature on the food blog. Every Friday we'll alert you to a new off-beat drink, a beverage deal that can't be beat, or whatever strikes our libation fancy.

I'm glad Paul Demko posted this promo of the White Iron Band's show, and not just because of the free MP3 of the band's new single. Mostly, it's because Demko's feature on the band from 5 years back is a great rock n' roll travelogue that I was planning on posting myself if he didn't.

Among modern philosophers, there's the late and lamented John Rawls, there's Jurgen Habermas, and ... there's Dude Weather. The latest encapsulates my sentiments perfectly.

Dan Israel is given a rave review by a respected music magazine.

Judd Spicer looks at Twins ticket sales.