Breakfast of Champions 4/24: Housed


I do a lot of housing market posts. Some have called me an alarmist because I think this economy has yet to hit bottom.

If I'm the pessimist, though, Credit Suisse is the doom-and-gloom prophet. Not only does the company thing that it'll take another two years for the market to rebound, they think that before it's over, roughly 13 percent of borrowers will face foreclosure.

Think about that. One out of every eight. Depending on how big the blocks are where you live, that's about a home per block.


Blowjobs? Fun. Lawsuits? Not fun. Potential lawsuits about blowjobs? ... makes brain hurt.

There's discussion in the comments about whether a smoking ban in bars increases the rate of drunk driving. An American Lung Association guy takes us on.

The thing is, he's absolutely right that that study is horseshit. Aside from pretty specious methodology, it doesn't point out that the public health benefits of the smoking ban certainly outweigh the consequences, even if their findings are the gospel truth. But he's absolutely wrong to suggest that editorial policy is influenced by advertising.

Checked out the Best Of the Twin Cities interactive map yet? No? What are you waiting for?

How often do you get a chance to read an interview with a dude named Dead Eye?

Paul Demko's Minnesota Thunder season preview offers all you wanted to know and more about the local soccer franchise.

It's raining now, and it might snow Friday, but Rachel Hutton anticipates better weather ahead and offers must-have foods and beverages for spring. James Norton's lunch at TropicWorld may give Lake Street locals other ideas.

Cool band flyer.