Breakfast of Champions 4/22: Simply the Best


Tons of effort by scads of people comes to fruition in the next 36 as our annual Best Of issue comes online and then makes its way in perfect-bound format throughout the cities. Don't miss it -- how could you -- and know that a few Web-only surprises will be popping up during the day.

Apropos of nothing: I may be the only person who saw this comic by Dan Piraro and thought: "wait, Rorschach never knew his father. I don't get it." But I will admit that this was my first reaction.

My second reaction: what's up with the stick of dynamite behind Mr. Rorschach the elder?


Temple Restaurant is no more. Nevertheless, we'll always have memories of the naked sushi event and James Tran's photographs of same.

James Norton, using a new WaPo piece as a foil, poses an interesting question: where is your "third place," that place besides home and work that you feel most comfortable, even out in public?


Tom Sorel is your new transportation chief, and early reaction is encouraging.

Minneapolis schools pass new restrictions on military recruiters. Jeff Severns Guntzel speaks with the policy's architect.

Always wonder what that window in Power Girl's costume was for? It's apparently related to the new Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe game.

Just when you thought it couldn't get creepier than Ron Paul, we get a Ron Paul simalcrum. Which is actually preferable to the real thing.

Demko is writing about soccer again, the UEFA Champions League's final four. Steven Gerrard's been injured, but I still think this is an opportune time to link to this amazing video of Gerrard's top 10 goals from two years ago. Even if you aren't a football fan, this is pretty amazing.