Breakfast of Champions 4/21: Bales of Cocaine


Spring is here. I know, because I saw a couple making out in the park for about an hour yesterday evening. Blanket-free. Indeed, free of many articles of clothing. I surreptitiously snapped this bit of evidence: yep, those are sweatpants bottoms.

At least the lack of a blanket isn't necessarily going to mean grass stains. Ah, young love.

Speaking of clothing and love, Ra'mon Lawrence Coleman's Eluded Love show went off Saturday, and we have a slideshow full of images. For great justice, here's a one-minute video of the show's finale. A model leaves wearing less than she entered with (and no, it's not what you think, at least I hope not):

Much more from a busy weekend after the jump.



Andrea Myers makes her debut on Over the Weekend, wrapping the past 72 hours in music. This includes capsule reviews of several concerts, including the Reverend Horton Heat show last night at First Avenue, where he played the song that gives this post its name.

Also don't miss our review of Kraftwerk's first MSP tour in decades and recap of the Plastic Constellations' last show. Coming later: images and text from the latest Current Fakebook series, featuring Chuck D and Slug.

The Chefs for Change fundraiser sounds like a good time for a good cause.

The Wild and the Timberwolves are forced to utter that mantra of the also-ran: just wait 'til next year.

Paul Demko has the latest on Lee Edwards, the Minneapolis cop who is under federal investigation.

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From Friday afternoon, images of college students using molten metal to make art.