Breakfast of Champions 4/2: Electronic bread, digital circuses

More or less everything you ever wanted to know about Guitar Hero is contained in Kevin Hoffman's profile of its preeminent practitioner, 16-year-old Chris Chike, and the accompanying Reporter's Notebook. In the notebook, Hoffman interviews Charles Huang, founder of one of the companies behind the game. If you play, it also offers videos of (and tips straight from) the master.

The gamer version of the Guinness Book of World Records is also the topic of the new "Game On" video gaming column; some of this content is cross-posted at Joystick Division.

Did retiring Supreme Court Chief Justice Russell Anderson play politics with another jurist's career? Read Paul Demko's feature and decide.

The firing of 15 veteran Hispanic workers by D'Amico & Partners has caused a vigorous debate in the comments.

Show-goers, scenesters and fans of world music: don't forget that tonight is the Haale show at the Cedar. Check out our interview with her and check the show out if you're into psychedelic soundscapes of Persian-inflected rock.

Peter S. Scholtes' weekend post about the Current's "Fakebook" series drew the attention of Mary Lucia at the station. She shows up in the comments to talk about her thoughts on the article and Greil Marcus.

This Friday, Treehouse Records is throwing its 7th anniversary party at the Turf Club -- but it's a party with a purpose. Proceeds will benefit Common Ground Relief, a nonprofit helping to rebuild New Orleans. Cecile Cloutier spoke with Treehouse owner Mark Trehus about record stores, politics and the Big Easy.

If you're going to click this link (and you should, to see the cavernous Pothole of the Day), then the below video will provide you able musical accompaniment.

Wow, it puts me on tilt that 3 Feet High and Rising is 20 years old next year.

The surge is working! We were actually welcomed with flowers, as liberators, into Iraq! It's just that the mainstream media didn't report it! Also, chemical weapons! Syria! Um ... Toby Keith? Okay, where's my check?

Ben Palosaari talks with former Nixon "Plumber" Egil Krogh. Krogh has turned into a crusader for ethics in the decades following his shady shenanigans.

Depressed after the Twins had their outlook dimmed and horizons narrowed? Deflated after the Wolves lost to the Pistons? Consider that a new day is dawning in Major League Soccer, and Paul Demko has the first half of a preview. Worth it just for the flag photo at the bottom.

"Splendid Table" host Lynne Rossetto Kasper is taping her radio show live at the Fitz tomorrow, and Rachel Hutton has the details.

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