Breakfast of Champions 4/18: Poems for Breakfast


It was twelve days before we realized before each one could hear the same story from Arthur and Bertie and William Three days for the storm to stop blowing Another two to dig one’s way to the hog pen and the barn to throw hay to the starving mare Another week before the wagons could make their way to town ...

So begins "Hearing the News," a poem by Jana Bouma. Bouma's poem, about an 1873 snowstorm, contains vivid imagery and raises historical details you might find interesting.

It's this week's winner in the What Light: This Week's Poem series sponsored by The program celebrates Minnesota writers, but it's also an admirable initiative to help get poetry back into our daily lives.

Poetry's like breakfast. It's better when you have it every day.

The submission deadline for the weekly poem series is tomorrow, so ship 'em some poems if you're registered on It's still National Poetry Month out there, after all. Onward ...


Music editor Andrea Myers makes her debut with two posts, including breaking the news that the B-Girl Be summit for women in hip-hop is taking a year off. Also see her review of the Voltage fashion show and the bands that played there, supported with an extensive photo slideshow.

Three new gaming posts at Joystick Division. First, Nate Patrin reviews the stylus-powered Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword. Chris Ward reports on Rob Zombie (that's Mr. Zombie to you, pal) and Rivers Cuomo from Weezer having an aversion to Guitar Hero. Finally. what do console sales tell us about video games? Is the Wii making your grandmother a Halo addict? These and other numbers questions are answered by Gary Hodges.

It all depends on the criteria, you see. A company can see a mysterious illness emerge from its plant, but still win a workplace safety award.

Slowly but surely, Minneapolis heads for Instant Runoff Voting.

Akon, the R+B singer who told wild tales of a Gone in 60 Seconds style youth with significant prison time, turns out to have been full of shit.

Judd Spicer advises young Carlos Gomez (and other national pastime practitioners) in the art of the sacrifice bunt. I would have slightly different advice: don't sacrifice bunt. Ever. In this era of supercharged offense, giving up an out is almost never a good play, especially in the American League where the pitcher doesn't bat. If you're going to bunt -- especially if you can fly like Gomez -- bunt for a base hit.

Outs are the precious sand of baseball's hourglass, and giving them up for free just doesn't make sense like it did in the dead ball era. When you play for one run, you only get one run, and one run's not often enough these days.

On a somber note, the Wild game did not turn out the way either Kevin Hoffman or Ben Palosaari had hoped, but each one has a take.

Nipa Bhatt of Chanhassen will compete on the fourth season of "The Next Food Network Star." Bhatt, former owner of the Gypsy Curry House, will compete against foes as yet unknown, but will be judged by unfortunately named celebrity chef Bobby Flay. Johnny Maim and Nicky Thumbscrews are waiting for Paula Abdul to go to rehab so they can judge American Idol.