Breakfast of Champions 4/17:


Don't miss Jeff Severns Guntzel's post from yesterday about the first ever Minneapolis Film Festival, which we covered when we were still called "Sweet Potato."

The latest in a series of posts we're calling Unearthed, Guntzel goes through the City Pages archive and finds out what coverage of that 1981 event looked like, in words and pictures. He's got video from some of the films, too, but what I think will most whet your appetite is this cover image:

More contemporary images are coming later this morning, when we'll have multiple slideshows from last night's Voltage fashion show and music event.

DAILY DISH: WHAT'S NEW AROUND THE SITE Lots new on the Culture to Go blog, from anti-folk to Anti-Flag.

Kimya Dawson played at the Cedar. Andy Mannix reviewed. A completely different style of music was in evidence two nights ago at First Ave, when Anti-Flag railed against the evils of everything.

Full coverage of Voltage momentarily.


Uptown will miss you, too, James Norton. But at least you've left us a list of eateries to remember you by. Also, you can come back, if you aren't killed by a pothole or food poisoning.

With a Democrat in office, the chances of the NWA-Delta merger being regulated increase. Hence, Rep. Jim Oberstar threatens to "run out the clock" on the event.

Remember yesterday, when Lean Dean Singleton referred to one of the Democratic presidential candidates as "Obama" bin Laden? Demko has the video.

Award-winning author Maya Hornbacher has struggled with a host of mental maladies, and not only lived to tell the tale, went on to win awards for her writing. Jessica Armbruster interviews the confessional author.

Mark Kiszla is to hockey what Ben Stein's movie is to biology. Fortunately, a host of hilarious Wild fans told him so.

Why are girls playing sports more than ever but still on the whole behind in exercise? Jonathan Kaminsky breaks it down.

That debate last night was like a rehab meeting in Utah: substance-free. But I'm going to call the Clinton campaign today and ask a frivolous question about her gambling predilections, so I'm guilty too.