Breakfast of Champions 4/15: Bye, Demko


It's tax day today, and yesterday was pretty taxing. We learned Paul Demko is moving on after eight years.

We'll miss the political reporting that once got him called the Twin Cities' own Carl Kolchak, his writing and his presence in the office. Thankfully, Paul will still occasionally serve as our soccer correspondent on Balls!, the sports blog.

Here's a regret you won't hear every day. We're working on a partnership with an independent video game manufacturer -- they may be producing small amusements for our site -- and I was going to ask them to produce a Zelda-themed game entitled "The Legend of Demko."1

Sadly, that will now never happen. Bet you won't get your own video game at Minnesota Monitor, huh, Paul? But I'll still always remember Paul's first words of sage advice to me after I heard the news of his departure: "Man," he said, laughing, "that pothole post was the weirdest thing I've ever read."

Here are three examples of the terrific work Demko has done for us over the years.

There's this award-winner, co-authored with G.R. Anderson. Before my time here, but equally incisive, was this cover piece from 2006 on homeless Hmong refugees. Personally, I'm partial to this one, a thoughtful treatment of jumpers from St. Paul's High Bridge, though that may be because I worked on it a bit with him.

There are so many more. Find some of your own favorite stories in his author archive, or feel free to leave your favorite Demko memories in the comments.


Anti-Scientology protesters, many masked, demonstrated in front of the Church of Scientology downtown yesterday. Matt Snyders reports. Tom Cruise shows up to defend L. Ron's wacky money-making scheme in the comments.2

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Joystick Division gets letters. We get letters every day.

1 Note: this is absolutely true. 2 Note: this is not, in fact, true.