Breakfast of Champions 4/14: Rappers, pirate and otherwise


Yesterday I searched eMusic for a copy of Motorhead's song "Ace of Spades." If you have to ask why, you have likely never a) played poker or b) heard Motorhead.

The quest was in vain. Rather than the chord-crunching, card-table-vibrating original, there was merely an array of covers. One of them was a rap-metal hybrid featuring an artist called Sea Dog. Sea Dog? A pirate-themed rapper?

Curiosity piqued by the idea of hip-hop Sea chanties, I clicked the link. More specifically, it was "Sea Dog of Cypress Hill" -- raising the specter of pirate ditties about marijuana, even though it was now obviously a typo for Sen Dog.

But this concept of "Sea Dog" the rapper intrigues. Save two references I came up with off the top of my head (both from the Beastie Boys), there are few references to piracy in hip-hop. Which is a huge missed opportunity. Just look at what the Shao-lin martial arts theme did for the Wu.

This is a genre that has gone yet unexplored, possibly because not much rhymes with "matey" or "avast". Aside from adding another to the list of "absurd Google searches I had to do for my job" ("pirate rapper"), I found this 20 second sack of awesome that explains why webcams were invented:

Aspiring MCs take note. My cut is 10 percent of your pieces of eight.


During the battle for DFL imprimatur this weekend, Ashwin Madia won, which engendered a discussion about the democratic process in the comments.

This may be the classiest thing ever done. C.J., I have an acronym for you. DIAGF.

On a happier note, Gary Hodges' latest post about his Top 5 Video Game Enemies features original art to go along with the original alien penis images from the game. No, that's not made up. Also, apparently the latest Star Wars game is brutal

Any time a headline starts with the words "alleged public masturbator," you know it's a tale worth reading.

Like Guinness? Like cupcakes? You'll love Jessica Armbruster's Guinness cupcakes. If you like neither of those things, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your priorities.

Gear up for tonight's Wild game by revisiting our liveblogging of the last two games. I especially like Ben Palosaari's images of Wild fans from game two. Ben's also got an interview with a guy who gets paid to lose to the Harlem Globetrotters

An early "concert of the year" candidate came out of Trocaderos on Saturday night, when KRS-ONE came to town and was backed by a host of eminent luminary MCs from this locality.

We are making a difference. More potholes to come on the blog, fewer on the roads.

Has McCain made up his mind to pick Tim Pawlenty as veep?

Francisco Liriano is back, and Judd Spicer says mechanical signs point to "go." Mostly.