Breakfast of Champions 4/11


During the limited onstage banter coming from Tapes 'n Tapes last night, there were references to -- what? Sports? Singer Josh Grier inquired about the state of the Minnesota Wild, declaring to the all-ages crows that "we need a championship in this town."

Then, he dedicated a song to the single best hope for that to come true in the immediate future. The band sent "Demon Apple" from their latest release Walk it Off out to Adrian Peterson. Which is funny, because "Walk it Off" was what everyone was thinking when the running back out of Oklahoma went down clutching his knee last year.


Portland alt-folkies Blitzen Trapper and Fleet Foxes came through. Reviews were generally positive, even if the guy from Fleet Foxes hadn't paid much attention to personal grooming. Word is singer Robin Pecknold hadn't removed his hat for three days until just prior to the show. He said this, not me. God, how I miss the West Coast.

At Joystick Division, one thing we're trying to do is offer "Director's Cut" versions of the Game On columns, with added material that is only available online. Here's Gary Hodges' extended remix on a new Viking game.

Tap water, as Aesop Rock once put it, builds character. Local restaurants and Rachel Hutton seem to agree. Give it a try -- it's got to stop smelling like fish soon.

Kerfluffle! I call kerfluffle! There's a gossip columnist in a flap with a MinnMon reporter. Beth Walton and Jonathan Kaminsky (in the comments) have the breakdown. I think Kaminsky's scoreboard contains a sentence of devastating summation ("Writing about this makes me sad and makes a little bit of my brain rot off and drain out through my nose"), even if I don't agree with him that Paul Schmelzer comes off poorly.

All you need to know about the Wolves is contained in this e-mail exchange. I am serious.