Breakfast of Champions: 3/7

It's Friday, which is usually the time for frivolity. But I'm feeling all cerebral and shit. How to permute these feelings? You'll see down at the bottom. First, the links.


Beth Walton's expanded take on a print blotter item features an actual student safety video from the U of M.

Some kid decides to stop cursing. Dick Cheney shows up in the comments to give him what for. I ask: WTF?

Author of the comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For Alison Bechdel answers Ben Palosaari's questions. I often describe DTWOF as "For Better or For Worse, but with lesbians." I leave it up to you whether this is a compliment.

Ward Rubrecht runs down the extensive slate of storytelling events this weekend.

Benjamin Polk is back on the basketball beat, this time talking about the local professional franchise.


Tool around the Internet enough, and chances are you run into LOLCats on your own. If not, there goes your productivity for the day. The notion of amusing cat pictures augmented with poor grammar is one of those ideas that is much more hilarious in practice than in the abstract. Yes, even if you don't like cats.

But what if you don't like philosophers? Well, go back to I Can Has Cheezburger and don't click on any of the links below -- because enterprising thinkers around the Web have made DIY LOLPhilosophers (or PhiLOLsophers, if you prefer). They're full of laughs for philosophy geeks.

Some are simple but elegant, like this one of Nietzsche or this one of Michel Foucault (from his debate/discussion with Noam Chomsky). Many don't require an intimate knowledge of the esoterica to give you a chuckle.

Two of the funniest involve Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari (Wikipedia), whose work has invoked masturbatory theses from sunken-eyed graduate students, but who aren't as famous as, say Plato. You might have to be familiar with the work (or at least know that they penned a book called "Anti-Oedipus") to get these.

The answers to this question include "contradict himself (on purpose?)" and "marry someone too young and hot for him." That's the Slovene philosopher Slavoj Zizek, which is the best philosopher name in the non-French category.

A good collection of these is here. One question, though: where is the Warrior in all this?

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