Breakfast of Champions: 3/6



"There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man. We're all gonna die." -- Billy, Predator

Why the epigraph from a film that saw Minnesota's then-future, now former governor gutted by an alien? Because there's something out there in space, and it ain't no man, and ... okay, we're probably not all going to die from it. But gamma rays! That would suck.

In other apocalyptic news, Hillary Clinton is holding a beer with her left hand. Therefore, we are all going to die. A shocked nation holds its breath. Our only hope: for Hillary to switch back to the right hand. Or for Barack Obama to start double-fisting. Or for John McCain to snort a fifth of Geritol up a guitar neck. Whichever.

In less grim news, spring (training) is here. Today we introduce our Twins blogger for the season, Judd Spicer. Judd will be checking in with dispatches once or twice a week through Spring Training and once the season begins. In his first piece, he makes the case for Minnesota's pursuit of a fellow you may have heard of -- either from breaking home run records or breaking laws. Allegedly.

If the report Kevin Hoffman links to is to be believed, then the Democrats are headed toward a brokered convention. With Hillary floating the possibility of a Clinton-Obama ticket, who knows?

More meat: Rachel Hutton chronicles the Strip Club, St. Paul's meatatarian center in print this week. Yesterday, she added a side dish of extra online spice.