Breakfast of Champions: 3/5


Today's feature finds an undercover Matt Snyders taking you inside the world of Teens Encountering Christ. On the Blotter, Snyders also has the latest on Calvin Christian School in Edina being denied $1.5 million in revenue bonds.

There are some incisive personal details in Beth Walton's story about Iraq Veterans Against the War, the so-called Winter Soldier movement. This is one:

Jen, who does not want her last name used for fear of legal action, is nervously contemplating the day a few years back when, as a guard for a U.S. enemy prisoner of war in Iraq, she purposely poisoned two detainees.

"It didn't truly dawn on me until pretty recently that those guys probably died and it's my fault," says Jen, who moved to St. Paul from Racine, Wisconsin, in January.

The following conversation did not actually happen, but I'll happily perform it "Who's On First" style with any of my carnivorous compadres:

"Hey Shaw, want to go to the Strip Club?" "Fuck no, those places are totally degrading and sexist." "No, not a strip club, the Strip Club, the meattacular restaurant Rachel Hutton wrote about." "I'm a vegetarian." "... I hate you so much."

For an interview with Barbette's executive chef, turn to James Norton's piece from the print issue. For more info than would fit in print, turn to his Reporter's Notebook.

Kevin Hoffman followed the Democratic primaries last night at Elephants in the Room, and noted that 50 superdelegates are ready to endorse Obama. McCain's getting a big endorsement, too -- from the President -- but this actually is bad news for him.

Rumors about Florida governor Charlie Crist being gay have been around for years, and Paul Demko notes that he could be the first gay VP candidate. Like the neanderthal wing of the Republican Party isn't already hating the McCain candidacy enough.

Ric Flair is retiring, and now is the time to remember your favorite moments from his career. Other places have his greatest matches covered -- I've got some promos. If you don't get chills during "Fire Me! I'm already fired!" then you weren't paying attention to wrestling during the Bischoff era of WCW.

The Minnesota State Council of Machinists has endorsed Al Franken.

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