Breakfast of Champions 3/28: Jeff's appendix says peace


It's possible (even probable) that this post will get bigger later in the morning, but as it stands, it's 2:45 a.m., I just got back from the hospital, it's dark and I'm not even setting up a Blues Brothers joke.

Nope, just tired. Jeff Severns Guntzel is several ounces lighter following a trip to the ER and the removal of one surly appendix. He's fine, Guntzel fans, and even funnier on morphine than normal.

I took the late shift of Guntzel Watch. He's now sleeping comfortably, like Ronald Reagan during most of the 1980s, or me during a staff meeting. And sleep is sounding good. So where normally I would extensively run down each new item on the site, here's a casual Friday 3 a.m. take.

There were six new posts on the Blotter yesterday, most of them substantive takes on labor, economics, treaty rights, etc. A pretty good day for fresh news and photos. Check 'em out.

Also scope Beth Walton's new Culture to Go post about a peculiar State of the City address in Hopkins.

Finally tonight, Severns Guntzel can't really listen to the Boredoms due to a long, involved story that includes a yellow Cadillac. But he'd still want you to look at this slideshow of Yamantaka Eye and company.

I'm going to bed, and if I don't get an appendix-in-a-jar out of this, somebody's getting a nasty letter.