Breakfast of Champions 3/27: License to Ill


The Minnesota license plate generator from ImageChef offers hours of fun for the whole family. Potentially profane and lascivious fun, as you generate uncensored image files with custom messages.

After a day's entertainment swapping in-joke-laden plates with friends, we thought it meet to summarize today's new blog posts using the plates. Also, a preview of posts to come in the next few hours. Try it! Your productivity will soon drop to City Pages levels of lassitude.


For the Pothole of the Day post, which features a Demko story about a boil on his neck and Ben Palosaari's automotive disaster, we were actually able to catch precisely what Ben said post-incident:

Amazingly, a man with an avid fantasy life was able to convince a crack team of top journalists that Sean "Puffy" Combs was involved in the murder of Tupac Shakur. Tupac? Killed by Diddy? All I have to say is:

In response to Matt Snyders' 70s cop car post, which reminds me of 70s cop shows, we considered who might drive said automobiles here in the land of ice and snow. Hence, we have localized thusly:


James Norton got his blood (sausage) up in response to East Coast Doug's comment, and wrote a stirring response of Midwest pride. When you combine this with Rachel Hutton's awards post, you get my summary:

(Passed without comment: a New Yorker friend of mine once admitted to me that what is called a "New York attitude" in NYC is, in the rest of the country, known as "being an asshole." Just sayin'.)

Sunnis? Shiites? Whichever, sayeth John McCain, reminiscent of Werner Von Braun's imagined dictum: "Once the rockets go up, who cares where they come down?" What say you, license plate? Who runs al-Qaeda?

"Shkurds" doesn't have the same ring.

When even Chris Wallace notices you're wrenching quotations out of context for attack purposes, you know Faux News has crossed a propaganda Rubicon. Like a Magic 8 Ball, the license plate generator always knows just what to utter:

Finally this morning, a couple of posts are in the pipeline that should appear within the next few hours. They carry divergent themes. But if there is one matter linking them -- and if I might foreshadow -- it is this: