Breakfast of Champions 3/26: The War Comes Home



Beth Walton's two stories about Iraq war veterans are timely this week, as news broke that the five-year conflict has cost at least 4,000 American lives.

The risk doesn't stop once they've returned home, Walton writes. Soldiers are committing suicide in ever-increasing numbers, and there are serious questions about V.A. policy in the face of this burgeoning threat. Then there are veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the horrors they've experienced. Sometimes, these PTSD victims become victimizers themselves, perpetrating crimes. But experts say they need psychological help, not jail time.

Elsewhere around the site, the Beth Walton Issue continues with her story about Jim Proctor, a sculptor whose medium is largely invasive plants. Aesthetically interesting and environmentally friendly, you can see his work with buckthorn in this photo slideshow.

Musically, content abounds:

* Matt Snyders has news about the Current's playlist, which -- given the station's slogan -- you might expect to be expanding. Think again.

* Some great photos of Black Mountain by Emily Utne, from the band's Monday night show. Another slideshow of Jayhawks/Golden Smog singer Gary Louris at Pantages last night is also up now.

* The struggle over copyright law and music comes to karaoke, as ASCAP targets a local karaoke bar. You'll have my "Dancing Queen" when you pry the microphone from my cold, dead hands.

Opening Day happened abroad again, but Judd Spicer's focused on the home team. He has your Minnesota Twins preview, along with his take on the recent extension granted to closer Joe Nathan.

How are state Republican parties doing as the march to the September convention continues? Not well, writes Jeff Severns Guntzel. The Hillary Clinton campaign is similarly battered, and she appears to be grasping at the straws of irony by launching an attack in the Richard Mellon Scaife-owned Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

John McCain: oh la la! The French love him!