Breakfast of Champions 3/25: Play Ball


The first baseball game of the season has just hit the seventh inning stretch. Although there's still snow on the ground here, that's a sure sign of spring.

In most of Japan the cherry blossoms are peaking. This year, that's where the first game of the season is underway between Daisuke Matsuzaka's Boston Red Sox and Billy Beane's Oakland A's. Judd Spicer will be along tomorrow with another blog entry on the Twins, but until then, hold out in the knowledge that winter is almost (finally) over.

Oh, and check the game out. It's a good one thus far.


Wilt Chamberlain astutely observed that no one roots for Goliath. That's one reason I never root for Tiger Woods in anything, despite this incredibly awesome Dan Bern song about him:

He's the world's greatest rapper-blogger, which is, as he admits, "kind of a depressing claim to fame." But Jordan Selbo's review of El Guante tells you why it might not be his only claim to fame soon.

Driving toward Madison reveals all manner of culinary options. James Norton has one for you to consider.