Breakfast of Champions 3/21: Voting and other light distractions


Soon, you'll be able to comment directly on stories themselves instead of simply the blog posts associated with those stories. Until we get that bit of functionality hammered out, there are a couple of posts you shouldn't miss.


First, some added discussion on "Sex, Drugs & Awesome Hair" in the comments for Jeff Severns Guntzel's Reporter's Notebook. People involved in the metal scene chime in on their memories, favorite moments, and thoughts on the story.

The Blotter in print this week has our readers' top eight name suggestions for the Building Formerly Known as U.S. Bancorp Center. You can vote for your favorite here. Full disclosure: I voted for "God's Ashtray."

Don't forget to also vote in our Readers' Poll for the best of the Twin Cities. Full disclosure: I voted for Stephanie and Meredith for "Best Radio Personality."

There's a new Bob Mould interview on Fascinating stuff. Jeff Severns Guntzel uses that as a jumping-off point to talk about his experiences in Twin Cities record stores. Commenters chime in. This thread has exciting implications.

Matt Snyders weighs in on Barack Obama's speech, an oration so well-crafted that even Bell Curve author Charles Murray lauded it.

I'm rooting for the U.S. to kick it up a notch in soccer just so these games are more fun for Paul Demko to watch.

Speaking of politics and voting, we promise to respond to public opinion. Unlike, say, the most powerful vice president of our time: