Breakfast of Champions 3/20: Nowruz the time to Haale



Persian-American singer Haale describes her name's pronunciation as "like Halle-lujah" or "jalapeno." Prior to my interview with her, I heard this in my head as "Hah-lay."

My mistake: as I found when speaking with her, it's pronounced "Holla," like "Holla at your boy." Which really should be the headline of the piece, and it would be if I had a sense of humor worse than the one I already possess.

Haale plays at the Cedar in two weeks, but I wanted to get the Q+A up now for two reasons. First, she released her new album on Tuesday. Most importantly, though, today is Nowruz, the Iranian new year holiday. Hence, Nowruz the time ... ...

... look, I said it made sense. I didn't say it wasn't terrible.

This is my favorite bit from the interview, describing peoples' reactions to her live show:

One woman once came up to me and said she had a flashback of one of the most beautiful moments in her life when we were playing -- of her child when she was about 3 years old falling backwards in a field of clover and laughing hysterically. And she hadn't remembered that moment for like 10 years.

And then another couple said to me, "I hope you take this as a compliment, but we practice tantric sex and we do it to your CDs." And I said, “Awesome.” Another woman said to me, "you know, I watch your shows, it makes me want to go out and have sex."

If you're a musician, how is this not the highest of compliments? (I mean the clover part, mom. The clover part.)

Elsewhere around the site: security guards at Twin Cities office buildings may be headed toward a strike. The pivotal issue is health insurance costs, an issue that Rep. Keith Ellison called "the issue of our time." Paul Demko has a post on this.

I may have screwed up pronouncing Haale's name, but at least I didn't confuse her with Hillary Clinton. A reporter confused the candidate with one of Clinton's aides based on a phone interview. Yikes.

Benjamin Polk writes the epitaph for the Gophers' NIT "run."

Two new food blog posts, including a recipe for Kulfi, Indian-style ice cream. That's from James Norton.

From Rachel Hutton: It's not easy bein' cheesy, unless you're enjoying the cheese cart at Meritage or Heidi's. Or are Chester Cheetah. Or write a headline like "Nowruz the time to Haale."

OK, I'll stop.