Breakfast of Champions 3/19: we Unearth some metal


We've got a thing for librarians and archivists here at the Pages. There's something about big ol' books that brings out the amateur explorer inside.

Immediately, this calls to mind Jeff Severns Guntzel's piece on the metal scene from two-and-a-half decades ago. But there's more.


Let's start with the Web content that surrounds "Sex, Drugs, & Awesome Hair," the feature on metal. Michel Foucault might call it a "genealogy of Twin Cities hard rock during the 1980s." But then, Rob Halford might punch Michel Foucault in the face. Although now that I've written that, Halford and Foucault actually have quite a bit in common.

Jeff Severns Guntzel wouldn't hit anybody, except with the two fists of journalistic integrity. And a mighty blow he has struck, both in the story itself and with two photo galleries. First, examine the promo photos City Pages received from a host of hair metal bands back in the day. Next, after you meet Hairball in the opening lines of Severns Guntzel's story, see them in full regalia.

Still not enough? Still shaking your head like "no, no, don't stop a' rockin'?" Then read Jeff's Reporter's Notebook, which expands on several of the bands that get a mention. It has video, too.


Or, spend some time examining advertisements from the era. You'll see some of the bands, some of the now-defunct clubs, and get an idea of what was happening in the heyday of this scene.

The latter is the first installment another Web-only feature we're staring. When poring through the aforementioned City Pages archives, we find lots of incredible relics -- some poignant, some amusing, some merely bizarre -- and we want to share them with you. Think of it as celebrating a proud history. Or think of it as bringing Zombie City Pages back to life online, as a path to enriching rather than eating your brains.

So when you see this Unearthed logo on the main page:

You'll know that we've brought something back for the archive. In this case, it's old club ads. But we have other things planned, of historical value and otherwise.

Elsewhere from yesterday, we had a couple of posts about kinky politician sex and the ever-deepening mortgage crisis. We also added a slideshow with photos by Daniel Corrigan to go along with my review of the Raveonettes from Monday night.

Mostly, we spent the last 36 hours working on the hair metal experience. Give it a shot, metal fan or not.