Breakfast of Champions: 3/14


South by Southwest coverage is advancing inexorably, like a towering glacier. But a really fast glacier.


Sarah Askari files an on-site report from SXSW, where she catches a series of acts including locals Knife World. Village Voice Media's group blog has more, including capsule reviews of Cloud Cult and Tapes 'n Tapes.

Freelance photographer Darin Bark traveled to SXSW with locals The Pines, and caught their show on the way Austin. The images are here. St. Paul's Red House Records had their showcase event at SXSW yesterday, documented by our slideshow. You'll also see some slideshows from national acts appearing in the sidebar. along with For more photos and reviews, try the group blog, where you can see Lemmy, Moby, and ... OK, do you really need to see any more than Lemmy?

Anarchists with tasers. It's like I'm back in Eugene all of a sudden. Except this announcement in advance of the Republican National Convention is probably satire. Right? Right?

Beth Walton updates her profile of two soldiers with a new post about hundreds of antiwar veterans traveling to Washington, D.C. in an effort to end the war in Iraq.

Minnesota cops are pledging not to make September's RNC look like Seattle's WTO riots of yesteryear.

Got a hangover? Hey, who doesn't? James Norton has the cure.


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