Breakfast of Champions: 3/13


The annual South By Southwest (SXSW) music and film festival is underway, and we'll have posts and photographic dispatches from Austin coming in throughout the event. In the meantime, if you're hungry for SXSW news and views, check out our national Village Voice Media blog, where music writers from around the country are congregating to tell stories and swap show reviews.


Jeff Severns Guntzel visits the Weinstein Gallery's exhibit of the photographs of August Sander. Read the full review, but here's an element that piqued my interest:

But I assure you, if you've seen these photographs before, you've never seen them like this. And if you've never seen them like this, you may never have the chance again. The prints are from the original negatives, some of them nearly 90 years old. They survived three years in an underground storage facility in Nazi Gemany during World War II.

Nate Patrin conducted an in-depth interview with the Background Noise crew, a local collection of hip-hop talent. You can download one of their MP3s within the post.

Hear a snippet of Radio Allstars' performance (or follow a link to download the whole podcast) within Ward Rubrecht's review. The Allstars blend music, storytelling and drama to update the tradition of radio variety shows.

Hillary Clinton is in Wal-Mart's pocket, or so says a new video posted by Kevin Hoffman at a reader's request.

Paul Demko updates yesterday's discussion on Geraldine Ferraro's racially charged comments with a video.

Classical music inspires fervent comment discussion, as does Jonathan Kaminsky's post about Save WCAL. A new report updates the facts of an article Kaminsky wrote last year.