Breakfast of Champions: 3/12


Does anyone else think that guy in the rotating "Judgment Days" banner looks just like Mel Gibson? I know it's supposed to be Abbie Hoffman, but those wild eyes and the crazy hair evoke to me a frazzled Gibson on the brink of tinfoil hat rantings.

Just me? OK. Let's move on.


For the last several weeks, I've been occupied heavily with research for the current feature story about Minnesota's first adoption malpractice case. The story is about Ty and Stacy Mooney, a couple whose adoption was disrupted. See the Mooneys and baby Rylee in the slideshow. Also see my Reporter's Notebook, which has legal details and anecdotes we couldn't fit into the print story.

Twins blogger Judd Spicer is back, and he cautions you not to take spring wins and losses too seriously. We'll get a post a week or so from Judd during spring training, and more frequent baseball postings once the season starts.

Gabriel Francois, who recently spent two years behind bars, is back out and accused of conning day laborers. Paul Demko reports.

Local dog makes good: an update on Stella, the pooch who competed at Westminster. Oddsmakers favor Barack Obama. And there's a reason people only tear down casinos to build new, bigger casinos. Elsewhere in national politics, there's a dust-up over some comments Geraldine Ferraro made about race and the presidential election.

I have one item to add to Rachel Hutton's "Top 5 Coffee Mistakes" list: being allergic to coffee, which I am, is a big, big mistake.