Breakfast of Champions: 3/11



"Have you followed Eliot Spitzer's career at all?" Jeff Severns Guntzel asked me. I knew the news had to be big, because who talks about Eliot Spitzer?

By now you've heard that the first-term New York Governor is named as one client of a prostitution ring. At the time, J.S.G. and I were headed into a pitch meeting, so we had to follow the breaking news by fervently hitting refresh on my iPhone's browser. I ran through my standard checklist of reactions to news like this:

* What an asshole; * Look, Girl Scout cookies! Mmmm, cookies; * I feel bad for his wife; * Oh great, this means more airtime for the likes of Joe Lieberman and the moralistic finger-waggers.

Given this last reaction, it was no surprise that Spitzer was pilloried on TV that evening by the upright and staid GOP operative Roger Stone. Wait, what? That Roger Stone? The orgy-and-leather guy that Bob Dole had to pitch overboard after he and his wife were revealed to be eager group-sexers?

There are lessons to be learned from this. But all I'm coming up with is a) "Joe Lieberman and the Finger-Waggers" would be a helluva name for a band and b) the family that swings together stays together. Hey, I'm trying.

Elswewhere, on the Blotter, we find that Mike Ciresi is out. This clears the path to the nomination for Al Franken, it would seem (sorry Jack).

Paul Demko has done tons of work on the Duy Ngo story. Now, a new profile of Charles "Chip" Storlie -- the man who shot Ngo -- is out in the Strib.

Should John McCain pick an African American running mate, asks Kevin Hoffman. Paging Alan Keyes: time to shore up those conservative credentials, John!

Musically, The Most Serene Republic played with Grand Archives at the Entry on Friday. Grand Archives, if you're scoring at home, is the latest project of Mat Brooke, late of Carissa's Wierd and Band of Horses. Desiree Weber reviewed and Daniel Corrigan photographed.

It slices! It dices! James Norton highlights a garlic-cuttin' gizmo. Personally, I just eat garlic cloves whole, like apples. No, not really.

U.S. soccer begins the Olympic qualifying process today against Cuba. I will take this opportunity to quote the Immortal Technique line "I'm obnoxious, motherfucker, can't you tell/I walk through Little Havana yellin' 'Viva Fidel!'" Just because I can.