Breakfast of Champions: 3/10



Let's start the morning with a couple of notes from my review of Temple's naked sushi event that didn't make it into the post:

Fashionistas were out in force. One woman had a Coco Chanel bag and a designer dress with a brocaded silver front. The silver design looked almost exactly like the Green Lantern Corps logo. I was going to mention this, but didn't think she'd take it as a compliment.

While I was grabbing a hunk of hamachi from off of a models thigh, two female friends were making a $50 bet over whether yellowtail tuna flesh is red. One, I mused at the time, was about to lose $50. Unfortunately, there was no way I could get in on the action without spoiling the bet for one of them.

James Tran's photos of the night are here.

Robert Novak thinks Tim Pawlenty is a liberal. I think Robert Novak is an undead vampire, sucking the life out of the practice of journalism and, indeed, ethics itself. Opinions differ.

I love it when Matt Snyders gets righteous. An Iowa politician claims terrorists would rejoice if Barack Obama won. Presumably, this is because of his middle name, or because he is a Democrat or something. Snyders has the rhetorical takedown.

An actress employed by Hillary Clinton for the "3 a.m." ad is actually an avid Obama supporter. So are residents of a town in western Japan.

NOFX played at Myth last night with No Use For a Name, and Jen Paulson reports on cramming punk rock into a place that used to sell shoes.

Benjamin Polk previews the Gophers' hopes at the Big Ten Tournament.