Breakfast of Champions: 2/7

There's a vibrant arts community in the Twin Cities, and online is the perfect place to step up our coverage of the scene. To that end, we've published the first in a series Web-only features about local artists. Rhena Tantisunthorn profiles Phil Hansen, a fascinating creator of multidisciplinary works -- many of which he's brought to life on the Web.

Every four to six weeks, Rhena will profile a different artist for You'll be able to find them here, on the Culture to Go blog (for now) and also in a permanent position on the site (hopefully before too long).

Hansen's art is very visual, and while this type of works lends itself well to Web-based storytelling, this isn't to say that these stories will only be about visual artists. We're looking for the most interesting stories from the local art community, and especially for tales that can be brought to life on the Internet in a unique way.

Got suggestions for artists -- newcomers or otherwise -- to add the list? We'd love to hear them.


If you're intrigued by the creative mind you see in the Phil Hansen feature, spend some time at Hansen's site. The images and YouTube clips embedded in our piece reflect just a small sampling of what's on display there.

Abolish the caucus system, Paul Demko argues persuasively.

The legendary Bob Mould was interviewed in Spin magazine, and Sarah Askari has the highlights.

Apparently Obama brings out the hawtness from the hawtness' apartment into the community. You can also watch his victory speech from Tuesday here.

First, a wave of mass layoffs around the economy. Now, Macy's is moving its headquarters out of Minneapolis.

Another foray into the video game world comes in Nate Patrin's No More Heroes review.

Apparently, McCain getting the nomination will inspire certain right-wingers to vote for nemesis Hillary Clinton instead of the Arizona senator. If you believe them. And if you do, want to buy the High Bridge? I'm willing to get rid of it cheap, just for you.

I'll be doing my regular radio gig at 2 p.m. on 107.1 FM today if you are in the market for a few segments of pure listening enjoyment. Or even if you aren't.

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