Breakfast of Champions: 2/6

A feature containing an in-depth interview with a High Bridge jump survivor. A news story about a kinky sex club at U of M. New stats about how the Minnesota economy's worse off than you think. And about 20 liveblog posts from Super Tuesday. We're chock full today, and we invite you to dig in.


Paul Demko's feature this week isn't just a history of suicides from the St. Paul High Bridge, it's an interview with one of the only people to survive a leap from that bridge. National Village Voice Media has made this piece their featured story of the week.

College is all about kinky sex, as recent arrival Beth Walton found during her story about the U of M's sex club. If Katherine Kersten hates it, it's probably fine with me.

Here's a Blotter post I don't want to get lost in the flurry of activity during the last 24 hours: New statistics show that the economy -- national and local -- is in worse shape than previously feared, and my post from yesterday breaks down some of the more chilling numbers. Paul Krugman's post from yesterday bolsters this point. We're in a recession already, and it's worse than most people believe.

Matt Snyders expands his earlier blog post about Brock Lesnar with updated post-fight information. This story is in print this week.

We liveblogged the Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses, including those held in our fair state. Here are some highlights from the nearly 20 posts from yesterday on Elephants in the Room:

* Voter turnout here was super-high.

* Huckabee wins West Virginia ... but was a shady deal behind it?

* The far right-wing of the GOP hates John McCain. This could cost them the election.

* Speech reviews for Hillary, McCain, and Obama

In non-election blog news: Former CP head Steve Perry is joining Minnesota Monitor. I'm just bummed we didn't get Dude Weather.

We're likely starting a dedicated video game blog (though not before our food blog launches later this month, and Nate Patrin has us off to a good start with his review of No More Heroes. Nate also reviewed the the DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist show from Monday.

Ward Rubrecht isn't a lawyer, but he plays one on the Internet. In so doing, he pores through legal documents to root out the issues behind a recent court case regarding guns and churches.

Hey look, it's a picture of a cat eating a t-bone steak that Kevin Hoffman found outside the office.

Kevin Hoffman blogs about Nick Nelson, the nine-year-old with a genetic disorder who made the harrowing choice to have his own leg amputated, was featured again on NBC.

We're at the moral victory stage of the year for the Timberwolves. Jonathan Kaminsky reports on the season's most inspiring loss, to the Rockets.

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