Breakfast of Champions: 2/5

Tonight is Super (Duper) Tuesday, the closest to a national primary we're likely to come. The shape of the presidential race could largely be determined by tonight's events, and we'll be liveblogging at Elephants in the Room from various locales around the cities.

Stick around for the print issue coming online this afternoon, and stay for the liveblog.


Jonathan Kaminsky's feature, "The Slumlord of South Minneapolis," has generated ample reaction and created a stir throughout certain corners of the Internet.

Nate Patrin's review accompanies the slideshow from the DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist show last night.

Jim Cohen, a former state senator, has endorsed Al Franken after dropping out of the race for national Senate. It's been a pretty good week for Al.

Ordinarily I avoid looking at anything Ann Coulter does. But this video Paul Demko points us to is well worth your time, if only for sheer surrealism.


As the candidates swing through Minnesota, we're catching a few of them. Nick Vlcek's photos of Barack Obama and reaction to Obama's speech can be found at Elephants in the Room.

Looking for something special for the Giants fan in your life? Give the gift of gaudy Waterford crystal crap. Because nothing says you care like a carved hunk of glass-like material hewn in the shape of a sports team logo!


Who among us has not wanted to blast some broccoli? From Dana Carvey's song about chopping it to the first President Bush's stated antipathy for it, the iron-packed vegetable has inspired an appetite for destruction.

Now you, the noble asparagus, can take up arms against the Vitamin C of troubles and by opposing, end them. With this Flash game.

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