Breakfast of Champions: 2/4

We're into that month where we re-align ourselves into harmony with the planets. Well, not "ourselves," so much as "our calendar." It's a leap year. Viva the extra day, I suppose. If not for the leap year, we never would have had the plot to Pirates of Penzance.

While the earth's movement around the sun continued apace, we kept up a brisk pace on the blogs. More than a dozen new posts and two new slideshows since Friday, and -- I tell you this in confidence -- there will be more before the day is out.


Know what rocks? Love. Know what else rocked? Intermedia Arts' Saturday night "Love Rox" event, which we reviewed and photographed.

Minnesota monster Brock Lesnar's first UFC bout didn't end the way he had hoped. Matt Snyders spoke with Lesnar in advance of the fight.

A graph shows how Rudy Giuliani's presidential fortunes took a nose dive a la Wall Street in '29. With few exceptions, the rest of the world wants a Democratic president. Germans love Barack Obama like his name was David Hasselhoff, and as it turns out, actors and musicians like him too. Obama, not Hasselhoff, though I'll be shocked if Scarlett Johansson is not a fan of "Knight Rider."

A: John McCain's really old. B: How old is he? A: He's so old he had to take out a life insurance policy on himself in case he didn't survive the presidential campaign. B: That's ... really not funny. A: Nope. Nope, it's not.

I don't know what a floorbird is, but The Floorbirds are among the local bands with growing support in Spain. In other avian musical news, The Owls have a new video.

Buffalo Tom is back! Or should that be, Buffalo Tom are back? Decisions, decisions: why me, Lord? Photos from the show at First Avenue are here.

All the children somewhere might be above average, but the Gopher basketball team is right at that not-so-Golden mean, writes Benjamin Polk.

The Strib's building is for sale. Read into this what you will.

Good news for Al Franken, as he outpolls both Mike Ciresi and Norm Coleman in the latest survey.

A Final Fantasy layer got virtually gaffled, and Ward Rubrecht has a gamer's take.

So. How was your weekend?

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