Breakfast of Champions: 2/28



To go along with the Sia review from Tuesday, we have some excellent photos by Tony Nelson, including one nearly-naked shot. Of course, the nearly naked shot is of Sean Tillman. We give the people what they want.

The Sia shots aren't included in February 2008: The Month in Photos, just because those slideshows are right next to each other on the home page and that would be silly. Kind of defeats the purpose of leap-month, sad to say. Revisit 22 of our favorite stories and images from the past several weeks, with links to accompanying content.

Donations by military families are trending more Democratic, and on the Republican side, the faraway frontrunner among servicemember donations is Ron Paul. When last I checked, those two men were in basic agreement on roughly one issue. Okay, two. They both want to legalize online poker.

Winter is coming. Or is at least not going without a fight. The best way to speed the onset of spring is to eat more ice cream, which you can do with confidence now that Pinkberry's not coming.

Jonathan Kaminsky notes the passing of William F. Buckley Jr., a towering figure of American conservatism. Swamped yesterday, I didn't get to chance to weigh in. I hope to carve out the time later today.

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