Breakfast of Champions: 2/27


Timberwolves fans, Jonathan Kaminsky has the definitive profile on Al Jefferson, the man traded for Kevin Garnett. If you don't normally view the accompanying photo galleries, I strongly suggest you check this one out, since it has notes, quotes and details not found in the story. We've selected three videos as well, and while Al might find the third one embarrassing, we think it's charming.

Jessica Armbruster's interview with Graffiti Research Labs co-founder James Powderly will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the LED throwy, and show you some examples in photo.

I have spent all of the past three days watching every single video produced by Steve Barone (aka Steve O. Gratin, potato wrestling champion of the universe). I strongly recommend the Hawaii Show Part 2, every wrestling video and the interview with Prince.

Diablo Cody won an Oscar. Can the Strib win a Pulitzer? Kevin Hoffman handicaps the race and offers context.

A new program might stop the bleeding in the local foreclosure housing market. By itself the $10,000 credit to purchase a home won't be enough, but I explain why it's a good start.

Politics! John McCain: classy, says Kevin Hoffman. Tim Pawlenty: not so much, says Paul Demko. Mitt Romney: 4 Life, says I.

Penumbra's production of The Piano Lesson, says Quinton Skinner, is the way the show is meant to be done.

We have a full report from the Sia show last night at the Fine Line, also featuring the return of Har Mar Superstar. Photos to came later this morning.

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