Breakfast of Champions: 2/26

The big news in local media from yesterday: The Rake's print operation will cease, leaving to carry on online. It's always a shame to lose another media outlet and see the lives of talented people disrupted.

This says a lot about the (nasty) state of the economy and the growing pains journalism is experiencing. The CEO of the Pi Press' parent company said as much. I've been meaning to do a longer post about web traffic trends among local news sites and what it means for the future, so look for that in a few days.

One of the coolest elements in the print paper is the art we commission, and we just haven't found a spot for it online. Until we get a permanent home for this work, we're going to start occasionally collecting them into Art of the A List slideshows. Some of these artists (like Miss Amy Jo) you are likely familiar with; others you may not. All are worthy of your support.

A few of my favorites: a Grand old time, the disgruntled octopus, Crypticon, Happy Kahloween and the Ice Queen has a chainsaw.

If you watch one YouTube video today, make it this one involving Steve Barone -- formerly of Lifter Puller, current potato wrestling champion of the universe. If you watch more than one video today, watch the rest of Barone's videos.

Wingnut Cap'n Ed takes down his shingle, joining wingnut Michelle Malkin. Hopefully they'll work in the same office so that the cross-pollination of crazy can create unpredictable effects -- you know, like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters.

The year's most anticipated restaurant (Porter & Frye) is now open, Rachel Hutton blogs.

Jason Lewis disses T-Paw on the WSJ editorial page.

Someone with the Clinton campaign started showing off images of Barack Obama dressed in traditional Somali garb. This is disgraceful race-baiting, writes Kevin Hoffman.

Come back Mitt! If you re-enter the race I'll sing "Holding Out For a Hero" for you at karaoke.

A local art student offers a multimedia arts take on the I-35 bridge collapse.

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