Breakfast of Champions: 2/25


Watch the Oscars last night? I heard some people won, and other people didn't win, and there was crying. Does that about cover it?

To mark the occasion of our former colleague's victory in the original screenplay category, we offer Diablo Cody's Greatest Hits from our paper. Maybe she'll write a movie someday that will go on this poster list.

When I win an Oscar, I expect my greatest hits to include statues of sports figures pooping.

Over the Weekend contains a review from St. Vincent's amazing show at the Cedar on Friday (pictures) as well as a few other anecdotes from around town. Paul Demko reports on the funeral for Homegrown, the local music program that has been around for a decade. Also, First Avenue couldn't pass on celebrating Dre Day (slideshow).

Think Ralph Nader's ego-laden presidential runs are an aberration that must be weighed against all the good he's done for the country? Think again, writes Jonathan Kaminsky.

Pawlenty-o-Meter: looking up! The Washington Post calls him the front-runner for the VP slot.

Comparing scandals: this whole Obama "plagiarism" nonsense is pretty silly. And I could not possibly care less if John McCain had an affair, although this whole "cozying up to lobbyists and lying about it" angle is worth serious investigation.

Hey, all you RNC attendees! Worried about liquidity problems prior to your evenings on the town? Don't be embarrassed at Deja Vu -- get this card!

I'd like to have a day like the one Lawrence McKenzie had for the Gophers.

Philadelphia + Major League Soccer = Booing Santa Claus again. Somehow. I'm sure.

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