Breakfast of Champions: 2/21


Welcome to everyone who has found the site looking for our feature about the Baldies, anti-racist skinheads who populated a famed local scene. We have a few more elements of expanded web content up, including an audio slideshow with interesting images that lets you hear the music that inspired the crew two decades ago. Also, our web archive unfortunately doesn't run as far back as 1990 -- but another site is hosting scans of the original article.

Culture to Go is going to be packed for the next few weeks until we get the new food blog up and running. Yesterday saw our hale and hearty duo of food critics critics debut; Rachel Hutton offered up the Dish on Dish and James Norton laid out the prospectus for his A La Carte column.

Don't miss Ben Palosaari's interview with the inventor of National Geographic's Crittercam. The accompanying slideshow has images of penguins, seals and lions affixed with the device, making for Cute Overload-levels of kawaii.

What would election season be without a big ol' sex scandal? I think most of us would have predicted that said inevitability would involve a Republican candidate. I'm not sure most of us would have predicted that it would involve John McCain.

Has Tiger Woods taught us nothing? Well, actually probably not, except some lessons involving Nike products. Let's try that again: has that announcer who joked about opponents lynching Tiger Woods taught us nothing? Given that the party invoking lynching this time (Bill O'Reilly) seems incapable of learning, I would guess not.

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