Breakfast of Champions: 2/20


Our quick guide shows you a few places to watch tonight's total lunar eclipse. As of this 5:45 a.m. writing, it's crisp and clear, though the forecast calls for partly cloudy skies later. Keep warm and keep your fingers crossed. (And watch for falling satellites, as Minnesota Monitor points out. There's a Billy Bragg joke in there somewhere, but it's too early in the morning to make it).

Our print feature is about anti-racist skinheads The Baldies, and we draw on an article from these very pages two decades ago. Matt Snyders updates the story, and our slideshow juxtaposes photographs from 1990 with images from today. I think the re-creation of our Jan. 13, 1990 cover turned out well.

Our new tandem of food critics is here. Rachel Hutton writes about Nick and Eddie, while James Norton offers up the value-for-the-money Indian locale Hyderabad. Expect to see some blog posts from them on Culture to Go while we set up our new dedicated food blog.

On the topic of cooking, cuisine and culture: Jessica Armbruster interviews Greg Laden regarding these catalysts to evolution.

Jeff Severns Guntzel attended the Walker's "Hey Girl" by Romeo Castellucci, and the overwhelming images left him thinking about gender in society.

Did you know that 14 local bars have webcams that stream live video throughout the Internet? Are any of them place you frequent? Find out here.

Keith Olbermann's latest special comment is outstanding.


Maybe it's because I'm the proud owner of two basset hounds. But I think this is the best thing ever posted on the Internet, and it's not especially close.

If you don't read Swedish, I'll inform you that this Flash tool is an ad for a telecom company. If we had telecoms in the U.S. that developed interactive basset hound-beatbox games, it'd be a lot easier to swallow giving them immunity from lawsuits, I'll tell you that.

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