Breakfast of Champions: 2/18


Happy Monday, good people.


Besides the customary quick notes, Over The Weekend includes a full review of three local bands (The Alarmists, Romantica and Chris Koza) at the 7th St. Entry. Tons of new pictures, too.

The St. Paul police want more Tasers. I really, really tried to not use a variant on "Don't Tase Me Bro" in the headline for this post about that. I honestly did. If you have any better headline suggestions, kindly leave it in the comments. I was going to go with "You can't tase me: I'm a rock n' roll drummer!" but that's an inside joke, and we're trying to get away from those.

Or are we?

Charles Barkley is so great I'd consider moving to Alabama just to vote for him. Well, OK, that's not true. But the question I have after reading this post is simple: is Frank Caliendo's Charles Barkley impression (which is amazing) better or worse than Scott Van Pelt's version of Stephen A. Smith? Both performances key around the word "terrible."

Birds, do it, bees do it -- even educated fleas do it. Yes, we posted a video of animals fucking. I predict this to be the fourth-classiest thing we will do this week, unless I have three cups of Yerba Mate today. Then all bets are off.

Unreleased Replacements tracks are coming! W00t!

I really didn't want to lead with "Toussaint Morrison thinks his band the Blend is the best band in town," but he just kept saying it. Gave him a lot of chances to back off it. He wasn't taking 'em. I'm told the band does put on a good show: anyone happen to see that show at the Nomad?

We have several new slideshows up on the site from the last three days, and I'd like to highlight three of them. The Walker's visual arts section has a new suburban landscapes exhibition, featuring artists from near and far. Our image gallery will give you a taste of what that's like. The art sled rally has some really enjoyable images -- I like the X-Wing and the woolly mammoth the best, but the 18 wheeler crash series is pretty awesome, too. Even if you're not into their music, Super Furry Animals put on a heckuva show, featuring giant Power Ranger heads, written signs, obscure gestures and more.

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