Breakfast of Champions: 2/14

Like Andre 3000, I just want to say one thing: Happy Valentine's Day. It's the day of love song lists, and my 20 Songs About Love includes:

* 5 songs about Valentine's Day * The best 5 hip-hop love songs ever * 5 sweet (but not too sweet) songs, and * 5 songs about marriage

Listen to the tracks, watch some videos, and let me know what you think I've left out in the comments if you like.

It's also fitting that we'd post about a guy named Romeo around this time of year. Romeo Castellucci is an innovative visual and theater artists, and his latest offering (which opens at the Walker tomorrow) promises to be as interesting as it is challenging. We spoke with him about why he feels American audiences are more open-minded than European.

In Jeff Severns Guntzel's post about the potential for an increased gas tax, he offers a helpful map of where to find the cheapest petroleum prices. There is an irony about that, however.

Jonathan Kaminsky alerts us about the New York Attorney General's investigation into United Health Care.

Is Hillary Clinton the victim of sexism? A reader says yes.

The University of Illinois came to our town. They brought their fans. They beat down the Gophers. Benjamin Polk breaks it down, and tells you why you shouldn't fall victim to coach-worship.

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