Breakfast of Champions: 2/13


With the new issue online, we have expanded Web content for each of the two main stories, including Jeff Severns Guntzel's investigative feature project about a group of men under investigation for mortgage fraud. After reading the main story -- and it's the small details that make this one, even more than the broad scope of case facts -- see also the Reporter's Notebook for "Nothin' But Trouble," which has supporting documents and tips to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

There is also a Reporter's Notebook for the story about Abbas Mehdi, the St. Could State professor who was a member of the Iraqi cabinet.

Reaction to last week's feature about Spiros Zorbalas, the slumlord of South Minneapolis, was strong. Read about that in the letters.

Deputy Darryl Cooper of the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department showed his prize-winning Spinone Italiano dog at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show last night. Our editorial intern Amy Lieberman spoke with him in advance. Sadly, it looks like Stella didn't emerge victorious in the Sporting group -- and it actually tilts me pretty hard that someone named their dog "Chestnuts Selling the Drama." What, was "Placenta Falls to the Floor" taken?

My president takes a bold anti-noose stance: I am ever so proud to be an American.

Seeing the two shark videos from Underwater Adventures reminded me of Matt Snyders' trip to the MoA.

Sarah Askari reviewed Cat Power and Daniel Corrigan produced some photos from Monday night's show. We also have photos from the Dean & Britta show at the Cedar to go along with my review from yesterday.

The Soviet of Washington is like the USSR to Mike Huckabee, and their voting practices are Putin-esque lately.

Demko blogs local soccer news, as the Minnesota Thunder add a striker.

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