Breakfast of Champions: 2/12


From last night's show at the Cedar Cultural Center comes a review of Dean & Britta with a slideshow by James Tran coming later this morning. Some notes: Britta Phillips is perhaps best known as the singing voice of Jem (of Holograms fame). Their coupling created a small stir in the music world when Phillips (a late addition to the band) and Wareham joined forces romantically as well as musically. Wareham has written what seems to be a brutally honest account of their affair and his subsequent divorce and remarriage to Britta. But enough of the Days of Our Lives. What about the music? Well, you can read about it and check out the pictures, too.

The Vikings' punter is a monster at World of Warcraft. This and many other facts in Eric Refsland's review of the Arctic Blast from the weekend.

I think it's especially funny that Latrell Sprewell is broke after selling a $500,000 yacht. When the feature comes online this afternoon, you'll understand why. Spree's yacht was named the "Milwaukee's Best," which is the second-funniest boat name we'll discuss in these pages today.

The Ron Paul Revolution claims another casualty in its glorious quest towards a certain type of freedom for some people. The 18-year-old martyr will go down fighting his $550 in tickets. Others will go down fighting in the comments.

It seems like I just wrote something like "Wow, more layoffs at the Strib. Yuck." Oh, wait. I did. But I'm doing it again today, since Paul Demko blogs another batch of firings -- three percent of the work force.

Turns out the state is 20 years and $14 billion behind in transportation spending. A new study from Growth & Justice demonstrates this.

If you watch only one political video today, watch this one. Unless you haven't seen the original Obama video, in which case, watch that one first. Which means you have time for two. And if you have time for three, the one Snyders linked in the comments is pretty great, too.

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