Breakfast of Champions: 2/11


Today's Over the Weekend post contains capsule reviews of Bar Fly's Cityscene festival, where dozens of local bands played, some notes on the Vikings' northerly Arctic Blast weekend (of which there are photographs and, later today, a review from Vikings blogger Eric Refsland), and MP3 files from Rockstar Storytellers' monthly event at Java Jack's. But that's far from all that's up at Culture to Go.

The Walker's latest dance offering was Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker's dance to the minimalist music of Steve Reich. Jeff Severns Guntzel was there, and returns with photographs, video and a full review. I for one cannot hear the name Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker without mistaking her for Miss Tessmacher, Lex Luthor's assistant. But that's just me.

The robust weekend of entertainment found Sarah Askari reviewing shows from the bawdy vaudevillian (and more) Baby Dee and the local connections present in the Grammys.

Have you heard of the Edina man who built a 22-foot ice castle in his backyard? Tony Nelson has the photos.

Moving to politics: think Hillary Clinton's genuinely outraged over an MSNBC reporter's accusation that she's "pimping out" her daughter? Kevin Hoffman doesn't. Discussion on this point ensues.

Mike Huckabee is still in the race, despite the fact that Washington State mysteriously called a close election before it should have. In case you hadn't heard, he used to eat fried squirrel.

Norm Coleman is in trouble. Tim Pawlenty's bid for VP may or may not be. The fact that negative numbers are on the scale kind of confuses me, though.

The Strib sheds more jobs. Yuck.

Benjamin Polk brings you the latest on the Gophers, with recent game recaps.

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