Breakfast of Champions: 2/1


The Fine Line was packed Wednesday night for the Editors, Hot Hot Heat and Louis XIV. Tony Nelson has images from throughout the evening.

Is John McCain too old to be president? asks Kevin Hoffman. There's one comment. The comment's from me. The answer is "yes." But click the link to watch an affirming video.

Want to watch Rudy Giuliani's political fortunes crash like the stock market in 1929? Check this post to see how the futures investment game felt about the former mayor of NYC, from his status as front-runner to his withdrawal from the race.

The Minnesota Book Award race is in the home stretch, and Jessica Armbruster talks about the finalists.

Four wins in six tries, including a near-miss against the mighty Celtics? The young Wolves, Jonathan Kaminsky reports, just might be growing up.


Black History Month -- like all celebrations of cultural heritage -- can be observed the hole year 'round. But the calendar slips into February today, so let's mark the passage into the official time of year with some links.

First, stop by the History Channel's comprehensive site. I especially like the Civil Rights era section, which reminds us that the time isn't so far removed from today. Also check out the history of Black History Month, which began as the "Negro History Week" organized by Harvard-educated Dr. Carter G. Woodson, son of former slaves.

For some Minnesota-specific information, try Twin Cities Public TV's "Stories of Minnesota's Black Pioneers." Some other fine places to start are here.

If you happen to be a teacher, CNN has suggested activities and thought experiments for educating students. And you know, we're all students, all of us, aren't we?

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