Breakfast of Champions: 12/7


Tonight marks the opening of a retrospective show for poster artist Amy Jo Hendrickson, and we have a slideshow of our favorites from her.

Coming to the Guthrie next week as an opener for Aimee Mann is the eclectic, challenging and indubitably interesting Nellie McKay. I sat down with her for a 20 minute chat that ran the gamut from animal issues to Christmas songs to McKay's own unique musical blend of piano-powered cabaret flair. With bonus feisty MP3 content!

New cPod features music by The Hold Steady and three interviews with our very own rock stars, Jeff Severns Guntzel, Jonathan Kaminsky and Paul Demko. It's the 10th episode, so I think Ward Rubrecht deserves a birthday cake of some type to mark the round number.

Speaking of Guntzel and Demko, each has a Blotter post about a local Republican -- but other than that, the posts couldn't be more different. Guntzel highlights an interesting detail about Norm Coleman, the fact that he appointed the U.S.' first transgender deputy mayor. Demko does yeoman's work reading the increasingly unhinged Katherine Kersten, whose goofy views are only slightly moderated by the amusement factor of that high school yearbook photo on the main page. I mean, seriously, what is that index finger doing? I ask you.


I really can't not link to the Top 10 Craziest Star Wars Tattoos. In fact, I really can't stop seeing at least one of these, which is seared onto the back of my eyelids like a brand.

I would like to say that No. 2 is NSFW (Not Safe For Work), but that depends upon where you work, and really it should be rated NSFA (Not Safe For Anywhere). Although if you always rooted for R2D2 to get his after putting up with C3PO for all that time during the films, then I suppose you ... no. Just no.

Note that one of these isn't a tattoo. Minor spoiler. You'll do a double-take when you see it.